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The Second Curve Network Secretary
Sharon Leader
T: 07753135675



Covid-19 has changed things. It's proven that businesses can operate in a very different way, and resulted in a wider realisation that business is the cornerstone of a peaceful and fair society. Key workers weren't only providing public services, but delivering logistics, childcare, IT infrastructure. While those of us within The Second Curve Network have known this for a long time, it gives us a moment in time, an opportunity, to harness.

We believe that businesses and business leaders, in particular, hold the key to making real headway on the difficult and complicated issues we face in the UK today. Business itself has a central responsibility to ensure that the prosperity it brings is used to build social cohesion.


To mobilise business leaders to improve the lives, and life chances, of those in the UK’s most stressed communities.

We want to foster collaborative action by business and other employers to build positive societal change in clearly agreed and defined areas of need.

There is a real understanding across the group that the time to act is now. Employers need to be proactive and take ownership to make a difference that matters, for the long-term.

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